Work week woes getting you down, what better way to blow off steam then by simulating sex with an imaginary partner on stage, in front of a riotous audience and judging panel.

This is Air Sex, yes it’s a thing and it’s coming to Sydney this Friday night in the form of Air Sex: The Movie.

Mathieu Ravier talks to Film Festival Guide about how he landed the world premiere of this outrageously funny documentary for Possible Worlds Film Festival.

“Air sex is something that had been on my radar for a couple of years because its a big thing in Austin, Texas where South by South West is held, I travel there every year for the film festival,” explains Matt.

“Air sex is like Air Guitar but instead of playing an invisible instrument you have sex with an invisible partner on stage, to music, with judging for entertainment purposes. It’s taking the US comedy circuit by storm, it’s halfway between America’s Got Talent, comedy, improv, performance art, and just kind of drunken goings on, and sports…it’s a really interesting new discipline.”

“At the Alamo Draft House, which is just one of the most amazing cinemas in the US, they show these crazy videos before every film while you get seated and order your food and drinks. One of these videos was a YouTube clip of an Air Sex championship rounds and I thought ‘what is that, that’s ridiculous’.”

“I did a bit of research into it and realised that it was a thing, and that the same people that tour the Air Sex championships around comedy venues in the US were making a documentary on it and were looking for crowdfunding. I got in touch with them and said ‘we’ll happily help you fund it, all we want is a first look at it when it’s finished’.

“They sent me a rough cut a few weeks ago, it was over two hours long, it’s fantastic, it’s hilarious, but it was way too long, so they’ve been working against the clock to get a final cut in time for the festival.”

“So it’s been really exciting following that process over the last year or so and I’m really thrilled that we will be screening the world premiere of this incredible documentary.”

“Beyond the comedy and the entertainment factor, Air Sex does something that is really important, it de-stigmatises sex, makes it something that we don’t have to take too seriously, that we can laugh about, in all its diversity, across sexual orientation, it’s a very sex positive film. It’s a way to celebrate sex in all its form including it’s most ridiculous incarnations and I think that’s a really great thing.”