Montessori Mommy


Pillows and plastic sheeting – this was the parenting method I turned to when my chilled out buddah baby transformed into an ‘energetic and independent’ toddler.
Out went the coffee table, tv unit, and lamps, down went the carpet protection and pillows, lots and lots of pillows.
Then basically I just let my little man go nuts in our padded home as I tried to come to the grips with being a stay at home Mom.

The onlslaught of toddlerhood had coincided with my mother’s group girls going back to work so my days were long, lonely and intensely unproductive.
Davy’s nursery was filled with toys from the recent double header of Christmas followed quickly by his first birthday, but nothing held his attention for long.
By ten in the morning he would start tearing the house apart, literally upending every cupboard and drawer he could get his little hands into.

Really more as an excuse to get out of the house and hopefully make new mummy friends, I enrolled Davy in a weekly local Montessori class.
On the first day, seeing the toddler height shelves filled with lots of little educational toys my heart sunk, this was not the territory for my little monkey.
But after spending the first couple of sessions throwing toys and tantrums, Davy settled right in and relished the order and boundaries of the class.

At home, I’ve tried to replace mayhem with Montessori-inspired activities and educational toys.
I’m not a childcare expert or a Montessori teacher, just a mother of two under two trying to stop the TV becoming the nanny.
So if you’re looking for some ideas to keep the toddlers entertained *, check out my blog.

*Disclaimer….activities may hold their attention for less than a minute but that’s another minute closer to bedtime!